Removes non-biodegraded items that may be flushed down toilets or sink drains. The screenings are disposed of in a landfill.



Removal of sand and gravel that accumulate in septic tanks.



Lime is added to the septage at the screening step to reduce odors and kill pathogens. After each batch of limed septage is homogenized and held at the legally prescribed pH for a minimum of 24 hours, it is safe to be used as a Class B product on land permitted by the Washington Department of Ecology. Representative samples of the homogenized stabilized septage are collected and tested as prescribed by regulators to ensure nutrient levels are known and metals levels meet regulatory limits for exceptional quality. In addition, Bio can dewater the limed septage to improve the performance and value of its products.



Dewatering enables the separation of the liquid fraction from the solids to create two new class B products, a nearly odorless liquid and drier soil like dewatered solids. The liquid, usually referred to as filtrate, reduces soil acidity and contains all essential plant nutrients in organic forms at very dilute concentrations. The dewatered solids have a soil like appearance and can benefit all acid soils ranging from sandy to clay by adding organic matter, all essential plant nutrients in a slow release organic form and calcium to reduce soil acidity. Both products can be safely used on permitted sites.



Bio developed and patented a pasteurization process that makes its dewatered soil like product one of the safest soil amendments available. Although limed stabilized class B septage is virtually free of all viruses, bacteria and parasites, the process can not ensure the destruction of all parasite eggs. Pasteurization ensures that even the eggs of parasites are destroyed along with virtually all weed seeds. EPA’s name for Bio’s new dry product is “Class A, Exceptional Quality”; Bio named its product “Bi-Agra”.



Just to be clear, Bi-Agra is a soil amendment. It is produced locally from household ingredients that find their way into the septic tank. Time and robust microorganisms combine to convert natural and manmade substances into organic matter, mineral complexes and slow release plant nutrients. Periodically your favorite septic tank pumper cleans your tank and brings the good stuff to us. We take non-degradable trash out, deodorize and sanitize the rest with lime, remove the water and pasteurize the dewatered solids with steam to make a germ and weed free banquet for any soil. Contact us for more information or you can find it at The Bark Store in Olympia WA.